Things to Consider When Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a simple bathroom or a master en suite can be an overwhelming undertaking. Most homeowners want to have a significant personal touch to their bathrooms’ design. However, you need to put a number of factors into consideration before advancing on anything. Consider the following factors in order to remodel your bathroom successfully.

Your budget

The first thing to consider is the amount of money you want to spend. Different bathroom designs require a varying amount of money. Therefore, make sure you set aside enough amount of money for the entire remodeling. You can ask an experienced contractor for an ideal approximation. When coming up with your budget ensure that you include everything that is needed.


Before commencing with bathroom remodeling make sure that you factor in ventilation solutions. Proper ventilation in the bathroom is a very important thing, especially during the renovation. Since the project will stay for a couple of years, you must consider sustainable ventilation solutions for your bathroom. A poorly ventilated bathroom can cause a host of problems like the buildup of mold, mildew and dumb odors. You can opt to install a window or go for another solution that is ideal depending also with your home design.


Listing is also a very key factor to consider before remodeling a bathroom. A magnificent finish on the bathroom faucets can surely transform the bathroom. However, lighting plays even a huge role in giving your bathroom a look of elegance. You need to consider investing in enough and deluxe bathroom lighting if you want to transform your bathroom completely. You can opt to go for LED recessed lights and install dimmer switches. Also, for a bathroom, it is imperative to have overhead lighting. For an ambient lighting option, you can include frosted glass fixtures, rice paper, and sunken track lighting.

Right contractor

Make sure you choose a contractor that is experienced and can be trusted. When you have a rough idea of how you want to remodel your bathroom, you need a contractor that will turn that to a reality. Therefore, choose a contractor that is experienced, certified, affordable, trustworthy and reliable.


Space is another important consideration to make when trying to remodel your bathroom. Consider the available space in relation to your expectations. Also, try to utilize all the available space of the bathroom. If the space available is small, then you need to employ creativity. For instance, a glass door for a bathtub and shower is a perfect choice if the is limited space. You should cater to the sink (we highly recommend these copper sinks), cabinets, tower cabinets, towel racks, etc.


Make sure you choose durable and appealing flooring. Some of the beautiful flooring options include porcelain, ceramic, and even stone tiles. Also, these options are water-resistant and durable. However, if you are looking for timeless and resilient flooring, then choose the baseboard tiles. Use smaller tiles for better slopping. Also, they discourage slipping off.


Last but not least, consider the kind of plumbing that will be ideal for your bathroom. Residential plumbing usually needs about 1.5-inch pipes for the drains. When remodeling your bathroom, go for a drain to avoid clogging.

Quiet Window Air Conditioner – Know More

An air conditioner is a device that is used for dehumidifying air within a given area. Air should be kept in a good condition so that it can smell well and also be at good temperatures. Air conditioners are of different sizes and a buyer has the opportunity to choose them from the different potential sizes according to one likes. The size of an area is the biggest determinant of the size of the air conditioner to use. A big portion of the area requires a large air conditioner while a small area requires a small sized air conditioner. These devices generate power to operate from electricity or from charged batteries energy and be able to carry the specific operations.

There are many possible areas where this air conditioner can be fitted. Suitability of a fixing location depends on many factors one of them been the size of the air conditioner, an area where it is aimed to operate in and the nearness to the source of energy or electricity. Air conditioners can be fitted in the sitting rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen or in bedrooms. The owner makes the decision where to fit them and can opt on the type of energy to use in powering the device.

For a quiet window air unit for a small bedroom, the mini-split system is the best to use in this situation. This system has both an outside unit which acts as a condenser and an indoor unit with a blower. These parts help in restricting the noise level made by this device in the room and one can hear only the sound fan which at most of the time it’s very quiet. These parts ensure that this device operates efficiently and effectively. Mini splits are very good because they are localized in a single room, in this case, they will be localized in the bedroom and they do not require duct-work. These devices are much cheaper compared to fully installed central heating and air system which require a lot of money to buy and install.

In bedrooms, silent air conditioners are needed so that they cannot disrupt one while he/she is asleep. The window is one of the areas where the air conditioners can be fitted due to the limited space of most of the bedrooms. Windows allow entry of fresh air into the room and when the air conditioner is fitted here it will clean the air as it enters the room and one can feel much relaxed when breathing that air. Small air conditioners consume little amount of power since they are designed to dehumidify air within a small area.

Air conditioners mostly use fans to distribute air that is conditioned within an occupied area in order to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort. The cooling in this device use the refrigeration cycle and sometimes it uses other cooling systems are used such as the free cooling and evaporation system. Clean air is very important for human and animal health. When sleeping, this is very essential because it prevents breathing related diseases hence making the Air conditioning systems very important.

Best Budget Samsung Phone

Have you had enough of your bricked Iphone 6 and now looking to upgrade and maybe even switching to Android? Are you tired of your old beat up Galaxy S III and wanting to change? Well, let me break something to you. Much has changed since you bought those old models. With the latest launches of the IPhone X and Samsung S9/S9+, the $1,000+ smartphone is now an accepted reality. Those older devices you more than likely bought with a contract – usually a two year term – and paid a much lower price.

Enter the brave new world. Carriers have dropped that contract caveat and now make you pay full price for their phones. The good news is that monthly network contract prices have either dropped or stayed nearly the same in the last couple of years. For example, in 2010 Verizon offered 900 minutes for $79.99 and currently in 2018 the company is charging $75 for unlimited data service. A good price trend after eight years but there is a downside. The affect is now devices are no longer subsidized by carriers and your paying full price for a majority of the latest smartphones.
All is not lost though however. If your willing to sacrifice the latest features and technologies the marketeers are deeming groundbreaking, you can still upgrade your old device without breaking the bank.

If your a loyal Samsung devotee or completely lost trust in Apple after the Iphone 6 slowdown debacle and ready to make a switch to a more affordable Android device, than Samsung may have a phone that fits your budget.

Along with their latest Galaxy 9, which hovers around the $1,000 mark, Samsung offers an array of devices with somewhat older hardware and chassis. These phones may not be waterproof, have face recognition sensors, utilized wireless charging, and be without edge to edge screens. But maybe not having these features is ok with you. And maybe for hundreds of dollars less you can do with such first world necessities. If your this type that can, that continue on.
First up is the Samsung Galaxy J Series. Sporting a previous generation body, the Galaxy J7 is the most capable of the bunch. With 8mp camera, 5.5 inch display, and removable 3,300 mAh battery, the J7 is a capable phone. And with a price point of $219 unlocked, its an economical choice and one of Samsung’s best deals.

Moving down the line in the J Series, is the Galaxy J3 which at $149 unlocked is even cheaper. You pay a price for saving 70 bucks, however. When compared to the J7, the J3’s screen is smaller (5.0’’ vs 5.5’’), the battery takes a hit (2,600mAh vs 3,300), the processor loses a little power (Quad Core 1.4 GHz vs Octa Core 1.6), and the camera resolution is not as sharp (8mp vs 5). If you don’t care about the slight performance decline and don’t mind the smaller form, than it could be a viable and super economical choice.

 Samsung offers a slew of other devices that require a purchase through a carrier and may come with contract and network restrictions. These devices, such as the Galaxy Sol, Galaxy Amp Series, and Galaxy S III Mini, can be had for sub $100 prices – even free, but they come with the obvious contract restrictions. These devices, which are also based on older hardware, might be tempting for those who do not mind switching carriers.

With these budget phones from Samsung, you can still post photos on Instagram, take selfies in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, and watch the latest Game of Thrones episode. You just won’t be able to unlock the phone with your face, charge the device wirelessly, and enjoy the brightest and clearest screen the latest Samsung technology can provide. Maybe you are ok with these limitations. If so, Samsung may have a phone for you and all those not willing to dish out $1,000.